Mastering the Jason Statham Fashion Style

jason statham fashion style

Jason Statham’s fashion style is classic, simple, and masculine, usually featuring fitted suits, leather jackets, and timeless accessories. English actor and producer Jason Statham is not only known for his tough-guy persona on the big screen but also for his effortless style off it.  Statham’s fashion sense can be described as classic, simple, and masculine. […]

What Color Tie With Light Blue Shirt: Expert Tips for the Perfect Match

what color tie with light blue shirt

Pair a light blue shirt with a navy, burgundy, or gray tie for a classic and stylish look. Light blue shirts work well with complementary or neutral-colored ties, creating a balanced and polished appearance.  Experiment with different shades and textures to find the perfect combination for your style. When choosing a tie for a light […]

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with a Suit and Impress Everyone!

how to wear a pocket watch with a suit

To wear a pocket watch with a suit, you can attach a pocket watch chain through the jacket’s buttonhole, allowing the watch to be slipped into the jacket pocket. Alternatively, a belt loop chain can be used to attach the pocket watch to the trouser belt loop, keeping it safely stored in the trouser pocket. […]

How to Wear a Necklace with a Collared Shirt: 4 Style Rules to Follow

how to wear a necklace with a collared shirt

A necklace can be a beautiful accessory to complement your outfit. Also it can be a challenge to style it with a collared shirt. How do you choose the right necklace for your shirt? How do you avoid clashing or overwhelming your look? Exactly how do you balance the proportions and colors of your necklace […]

What is Swim Trunk?

what is swim trunk

If you are planning to hit the beach or the pool this summer, what is swim trunk and why you should wear one. Swim trunks are a form of swimsuit that are designed specifically for swimming. They are usually made of materials that are comfortable, durable, and hydrodynamic in the water. Swim trunks come in […]