What Shoes to Wear With Bootcut Jeans: Elevate Your Style

what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

The ideal shoes to wear with bootcut jeans are either high-heeled boots or chunky platforms. These shoes complement the flare of the jeans while also elongating your legs. Plus, they add a touch of elegance to your casual outfit. Bootcut jeans are a timeless trend that continues to be popular, and for good reason. They […]

What Color Shoes to Wear With Burgundy Dress : An Expert Guide!

what color shoes to wear with burgundy dress

Pair burgundy dresses with shoes in neutral tones such as black, nude, or metallic shades. Burgundy is a beautiful color choice for dresses across all seasons. Whether you are dressing up for a wedding or a date night, a burgundy dress is a great go-to option for many women. However, the same cannot be said […]

What Shoes Does Ben Shelton Wear? Top Picks for Sneakerheads

what shoes does ben shelton wear

Ben Shelton is known for wearing Nike shoes. He frequently wears the Nike Air Max 97 and Nike Air Force 1.  Ben Shelton’s fashion choices are closely watched by many, including his footwear selection. The sneakerhead is known to have a taste for stylish and comfortable sneakers. In particular, Ben Shelton wears Nike shoes, and […]

Shoes to Wear With Dresses: Step Up Your Style Game!

shoes to wear with dresses

Wearing a pair of strappy sandals or open-toe heels with a dress is a stylish choice. Dresses are versatile, easy-to-wear pieces that can make any woman look fabulous.  However, it can be challenging to find the right shoes that complement the dress. The solution is to make sure the shoes and the dress enhance each […]