What Colour Shoes to Wear with a Purple Dress? The Ultimate Style Guide

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Are you confused about what colour shoes to wear with a purple dress? Finding the right shoes to go with a colorful outfit can be tricky. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to help you find the best way to style your hair.

Some shoe styles will look great with a purple dress, but there are more than that. If you want to dress up or down, your shoes will rely on the event and your style. As promised, this piece will tell you exactly what color shoes to wear with a purple dress so you can confidently go out in style. Okay, let’s begin!

what colour shoes to wear with a purple dress

How to Choose Shoes That Go With a Purple Dress

You have a beautiful purple dress, but you don’t know what color shoes to wear with it. Don’t worry—we’ll take care of you! Figuring out what colour shoes to wear with a purple dress is about ensuring the outfit and the event go well together.

Black or white heels are always a safe bet because they look classy and go with most shades of purple. But if you want to try something new, why not go outside the box? When mixed with darker purples, emerald green or ruby red can make them look more beautiful. On the other hand, pink blush or mint green can make lighter purples look more delicate.

Your choice should also be based on the event itself. You should dress more formally for more formal events, so stick to neutrals or metallics. For casual settings, have fun trying out brighter colors or even a fun design.

Remember that the best shoe is the one that makes you look good and secure. Don’t be afraid to look at all the different options; your purple dress is just looking for the right shoes to go with it.

Getting to Know Color Theory

When it comes to fashion, you need to know about color theory. Purple’s tones can be either cool or warm because purple is a mix of red and blue. Depending on the undertone, the shoes can either complement the dress or stand out against it.

Black shoes are a neutral choice.

If you want to look good in a purple dress, black shoes are always a good choice. They look simple and classy, which makes them great for formal events. The dress shouldn’t be too light, though, or the black shoes will look too heavy.

Nude shoes are a safe bet.

Nude shoes are the best choice if you don’t want to take any chances. They match the skin tone, which makes the legs look longer, and the clothes look better together. For a more dressy look, nude high heels and flats are fabulous for everyday wear.

what colour shoes to wear with a purple dress

Metallic shoes will add some contrast.

Shoes made of metal can make a purple dress stand out. When your undertone is cool, silver shoes look great, and when your undertone is warm, gold shoes look great. These shoes can make an outfit look more fancy and are suitable for both dressy and casual events.

Colored shoes are bold and beautiful.

Putting on colored shoes can make an outfit stand out and look fantastic. Bright shoes like red, blue, or pink can add color and make an outfit stand out. But if the dress is too busy, it can throw off the whole look.

Think About The Event

Selecting the appropriate color and style of shoes to match your purple dress should take the occasion into account. For a formal occasion, appear traditional and elegant. For a laid-back occasion, try out various hues and styles.

Last Words on How to Match Your Shoes and Outfit Perfectly

  • Make sure the shoes fit the event’s level of seriousness.
  • When choosing white shoes, think about what color your skin is.
  • Choose a shiny shoe that goes with the undertone of the dress.
  • Try wearing different colored shoes to make your outfit more unique.
  • Don’t forget to match the shoes to the bag.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the right shoes to match your purple dress. Whether you choose simple black heels or bright red flats, the right shoes can take any outfit to the next level.

Questions Often Asked About What Color Shoes to Wear With A Purple Dress

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Purple Dress?

Black, brown, or nude shoes look great with a purple dress because they are neutral. You can also choose shiny colors like gold or silver for extra pop. However, if you want to look put together, Don’t wear purple shoes with your dress.

What color goes with a purple dress?

A purple dress looks good with a dark color like black, white, or gray. A color that stands out, like orange, green, or yellow, can also go with the dress. Accessories like shoes and jewelry can match and make the outfit look better.

What Should I Wear With A Purple Dress?

If you follow these tips, it will be easy to pair a purple dress:

  1. Select muted tones like black, white, or nude and pair the purple with metallics like gold or silver.
  2. Choose colors that go well together, like blue and pink, or colors that go well with each other, like yellow or green.
  3. Accessorize with simple jewelry, and finally, choose shoes and bags that go with the dress or are neutral colors.

What kind of jewelry goes with a purple dress?

Silver, gold, or rose gold jewelry looks great with a purple dress. You can also wear purple rocks like amethyst or purple sapphire. If you want people to notice your whole look, don’t wear jewelry with colors that are too different from your dress.

Can I wear black shoes and a purple dress?

To look classy, you can wear black shoes and a purple dress. Choose a pump with a pointed toe or a shoe with straps.


Finally, figuring out what colour shoes to wear with a purple dress is about enjoying the event and being proud of your style. Don’t forget that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your perfect pair is out there, ready to make you look and feel amazing.

Let your shoes show off your style and confidence, whether you choose classic neutrals, bold brights, or fun patterns. So, go out in style and let your shoes say a lot!

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