What is Swim Trunk?

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If you are planning to hit the beach or the pool this summer, what is swim trunk and why you should wear one. Swim trunks are a form of swimsuit that are designed specifically for swimming. They are usually made of materials that are comfortable, durable, and hydrodynamic in the water. Swim trunks come in different styles, lengths, and colours to suit your preferences and needs. 

What a swim trunk is will be explained in this blog post. Whether you are an avid swimmer or a competitive athlete, swim trunks will make you look fantastic while having more fun in the water.

what is swim trunk

Brief of What is Swim Trunk?

Men who wear certain types of swimsuits for swimming or other water sports are referred to as swim trunks. Different from other swimwear like board shorts, swim briefs, or wetsuits, swim trunks are also referred to as swimming trunks. The materials used to make swim trunks are often nylon or polyester, which are comfortable, strong, and hydrodynamic in the water.

Men’s swimwear that is both fashionable and functional, swim trunks have an intriguing past. During the time of classical antiquity, when bathing and swimming were done in the nude or with little clothing, swim trunks first appeared.

History of Swim Trunks

Midway through the 1930s, swim trunks—shorts intended for men to wear while swimming—became fashionable. Much larger swimsuits that covered the entire torso and were frequently heavy and warm were replaced by trunks. Swimwear with trunks was more fashionable, functional, and comfortable. 

However, swimming and outdoor bathing were discouraged and seen as immoral in the Christian West during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. People who wanted to swim had to do so in secret or in secluded places and often wore their underwear or loincloths to cover their genitals.

Anatomy of Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are more than just a simple piece of clothing. They have different parts and features that serve various purposes and functions. Knowing the anatomy of swim trunks can help you choose the best one for your body type, swimming style, and personal preference. Here are some of the main components of swim trunks and what they do:


The waistband is the part of the swim trunks that wraps around your waist and holds them in place. The waistband can be elastic, drawstring, or both. Elastic waistbands are easy to wear and adjust, but they can lose their elasticity over time and become loose or saggy. Drawstring waistbands are more secure and customizable, but they can be uncomfortable or annoying if they get tangled or twisted.


The legs are part of the swim trunks that cover your thighs and sometimes your knees. The length of the legs can vary from very short (briefs) to very long (jammers). The size of the legs affects the amount of coverage, comfort, and drag that you experience while swimming.

what is swim trunk


The swim trunks have pockets where you can keep little things like keys, coins, or cards. The pockets can be located on the sides, front, back, or inside of the swim trunks. The pockets can be open, closed, or zippered. Open pockets are easy to access, but they can also let water and sand in or let your items fall out.


The lining is the part of the swim trunks that is in direct contact with your skin and genitals. The lining can be made of mesh, fabric, or none. Mesh lining is breathable and supportive, but it can also be scratchy or irritating or cause chafing or rashes. Fabric lining is soft and comfortable, but it can also be absorbent and heavy or cause bacterial or fungal infections.


The fabric is the part of the swim trunks that determines the look, feel, and performance of the swim trunks. Materials for the fabric can be synthetic, natural, or a combination of the two. Natural materials, such as cotton or wool, are comfortable and durable, but they can also be heavy and slow to dry or fade and shrink over time. While spandex and nylon are lightweight and quick to dry, after time, they can lose their colour and shape and become sticky and slippery.

Types of Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are not a one-size-fits-all category. Different types of swim trunks suit various purposes, preferences, and occasions. Depending on your body type, swimming style, and fashion sense, you may want to choose one or more of the following types of swim trunks:

Classic Swim Trunks

These are the most common and versatile type of swim trunks. Those resemble regular shorts except that the inside is lined with mesh, and the waistband is elastic. One or two back pockets and open side pockets are typical. They are composed of sturdy, lightweight, and fast-drying polyester or nylon. They are available in a variety of hues, designs, and prints, including solid, plaid, and floral.

Board Shorts

Designed for surfing and paddleboarding, these swim trunks are looser and more prolonged than traditional styles. They are composed of synthetic materials that are elastic, quick to dry, and water-repellents, such as spandex or nylon. They include a flat waistband fastened with velcro or a drawstring. Usually, they contain one or two side pockets that are secured with a zipper or velcro.

Swim Briefs

The shortest and tightest style of swim trunks are these, sometimes referred to as “speedos”. They are V-shaped and cover the buttocks and genitalia. They are composed of smooth, flexible, and snug elastic materials like lycra or spandex. There is no lining or pocket, and the waistband is elastic. They are available in plain colours or straightforward designs like dots or stripes.

what is swim trunk

Square-Cut Shorts

They are a cross between traditional swim trunks and swim briefs. They are snug and short but less than swim briefs. They’re rectangular and cover the hips and upper thighs. They are manufactured from elastic materials like spandex or lycra, which are smooth, flexible, and snug. They have an elastic waistline but no pockets or linings.


The tightest and longest style of swim trunks is these. They cover the hips and legs up to the knees or even the ankles, resembling leggings or cycle shorts. They are composed of smooth, flexible, and snug compression materials like lycra or spandex. There is no lining or pocket, and the waistband is elastic. They are available in plain colours or straightforward designs like dots or stripes.


This type of swimwear is not quite a swimming trunk because it covers the complete body. The thick, snug suit is constructed of neoprene, a synthetic rubber with buoyancy, insulation, and waterproof properties. Occasionally, it features a hood, sleeves, and a front or back zipper. It comes in black or gloomy colours, sometimes adorned with colourful logos or ornaments. It is used for water sports like surfing and deep-water or cold-water diving.

FAQs on What is Swim Trunk

Are swim trunks suitable for all body types?

Swim trunks come in various styles, making them suitable for different body types. Opt for styles that provide comfort and enhance your confidence.

Can I wear swim trunks for activities other than swimming?

Absolutely! Running, beach volleyball, and simply relaxing by the pool are just a few of the activities that swim trunks are appropriate for.

How do I choose the right size of swim trunks?

Consult the brand’s sizing chart, taking into account your desired fit and waist size. Whenever in doubt, going larger is usually a safer option.

What is the ideal fabric for swim trunks?

Quick-dry fabrics like polyester or blends are popular choices. They ensure you stay comfortable in and out of the water.

Are there eco-friendly options for swim trunks?

Yes, many brands now offer eco-friendly swim trunks made from recycled materials. Look for sustainability certifications when making a purchase.

Can I wear swim trunks as shorts outside the beach or pool?

Absolutely! Swim trunks can be worn with casual shorts for a carefree summertime vibe, depending on the style.


Swim trunk is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a reflection of the history, culture, and personality of the wearer. Swim trunks have evolved and diversified over time, adjusting to the shifting requirements and inclinations of various men and situations. Swim trunks are suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and casual wear, and they provide a good balance of coverage and comfort.

Hopefully you get the answer of what is swim trunk. Whether you prefer the classic swim trunks, the sporty board shorts, the sleek swim briefs, the fitted square-cut shorts, the supportive jammers, or the protective wetsuit, there is a swim trunk for you. Swim trunks can help you enjoy the water and look good at the same time.

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